Sign Up for Lawn Care Services in Abbeville, LA

Sign Up for Lawn Care Services in Abbeville, LA

Keep Your Lawn in Good Shape

You don't want your yard looking like a mess. Keep it clean with lawn care services from Southern Grinding & Tree Service, LLC. In addition to our tree maintenance and tree removals, we can take care of your lawn. Yard upkeep is important for both the appearance of your home and the health of your plants. We have the proper tools needed to handle all your yardwork for you.

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Don't let your grass grow wildly out of control

Do you feel like you have to wade through weeds and tall grass every time you step outside? Clear away overgrown plant life with our lawn care services. We'll assess the state of your lawn and figure out the best way to proceed.

We can:

  • Mow your lawn
  • Grind down stumps
  • Pluck weeds

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