It's Time for the Stump to Go

It's Time for the Stump to Go

Get rid of it with stump grinding service in Abbeville & Lafayette, LA

Stumps are a safety hazard for home and business owners. They also attract dangerous pests, such as termites. Luckily, Southern Grinding & Tree Service, LLC provides commercial and residential stump grinding service in Abbeville, Louisiana and the surrounding area.

Stump grinding removes the entire stump-not just the visible portion. This means you can replant or excavate without trouble. If you want that stump gone instead of hidden, call 337-519-4779 today.

Do you want a DIY job or complete stump removal?

Southern Grinding & Tree Service can do what you, your neighbor and a chainsaw can't. We can completely remove that ugly stump from your lawn. Our professional stump removal work...

  • Won't leave an underground stump
  • Includes filling the hole and adding mulch
  • Makes your yard safer and more attractive

Work with a professional stump removal team in Abbeville, LA who'll treat you and your property with respect.